Meet BrightStar Care franchisee - BrightStarCare

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

Meet BrightStar Care franchisee - BrightStarCare

My name is JP merchant, I'm the owner of bright star care of white plains in Weston County New York. Everybody stuck here for about four-and-a-half years now, the appeal of home care was not there initially, and after I learned more about it, the opportunity to help people out and the fact that you can have a profitable and a reputable business and a good model behind it appealed to me quite a bit.

What attracted me to bright star was the models and the systems they had in place, it was different than the other businesses. I was looking at in terms of home care, there was a passion for the bright store. I can see that when I had met the folks at bright star, the systems were well-designed, and I thought that it was a better model of another than other home care agencies, the recruiting systems, the caregivers, how we include them, the Olymp, the term, as far as a year of experience, that's required to be a bright star care, caregiver that appealed to me.

The ABS systems that were the software system, when we process our payroll in all of our HR that was far better than any other model that I had seen as well, what separate bright star care from the competitors, number one was the passion behind the brand. When I went to research and when I went to visit the other companies, bright star stood out because they think I generally care about. What they were doing is not just from a monetary perspective but the passion behind the delivery of services, and I did not find that with the competitors. What the passion to me means that everybody from the top of bright star as far as Shelley down to people in the fields as Doug, it means attitude, but they generally care about what they're doing and the services they're delivering, so whether you're an owner bright star, whether you work in the field, don't all work in the offices.

There is a sense that we actually care about the care we're providing, to me the qualities that make one a successful price store franchisee, number one is passion, passion what you're doing, number two, implementing the systems that bright star has created and fallen into the best you can, and number three, caring about your people, people that you hire in the office and people who are in the field working for you. From now I would like to see myself double in revenue, but I also want to have a more of a dedicated staff, a bigger staff. I should say in the office because we need that to keep them to make sure our quality of care is continuous well.

The most about my job is the ability to wake up every day and having the ability to help people, not just seniors but my staff in the office, my staff in the field, its ability to impact their lives. The advice I would give someone who's looking to buy into Weiss are caring franchises, don't do this for the money because money will come and go. If you don't have the passion for delivering quality care and actually caring about people that you're affecting, money will not be there for long. So you have to really want to be in this business for the right reasons, which is number one care for people that you are servicing and care for your employees. The keys to success for a new lifestyle owner I believe is number one sales to be out there, selling your model, selling your business to people present in the market, implementing bright stars policies in terms of how to do business, and hiring the right people. The bright star care community of franchisees I think it's one of the core strengths of bright star, itself to have so many different owners with vast experiences, and different experiences coming together to basically provide the same type of care throughout all 38 states that white stars part of, so you have a very talented respite pool of people who have done many things in the past were not coming together to provide quality care, and they're sharing their stories and their lives and their successes, and most importantly their failures with you.

That's what makes us unique and we're all trying to do the same thing, which provides the best care possible to our loved ones.