Employee Management at BrightStar Care

By Gavin | July 17, 2019

There are two things that really set apart the top performers in our system.

One is the ability to lead, manage, and hold accountable the members of their staff, and that sounds like an obvious thing, but we're very purposeful in our training and tools to be able to help franchisees do that.


The ability to lead, manage, and hold accountable

The leading part is being able to set a vision that folks can get a part of, what it means to be part of this great national brand, but how it's going to be delivered at the local level.

Now the management piece is being able to put a good plan together, set goals, look at those on a merely quarterly and weekly basis, and make sure that we're on track.

Which leads to the accountability piece being able to not just inspire people, but be able to understand the accountability of what each of the members of the team has to deliver, making sure they understand that and then making sure that that's occurring on a weekly basis.

It's the combination of those three things together, that is really important in building a great business, and both identifying the right talent to achieve that business success. That's a combination of all three of those things.

The real desire to be the employer of choice in the community

The other skill that's really important for our most high-performing franchisees is the real desire to be the employer of choice in the community in which they serve, so client satisfaction highly satisfied, and promoter clients are generated by highly satisfied and promoter employees to being able to recruit and retain the very best nurses and caregivers, and giving them real great reasons to stay with that agency.


Especially in those early days is really critical, because that client satisfaction and problems, all of that becomes less of an issue when you take care of your employees first. We've developed a model called the cycle of success that helps franchisees be able to maximize their habits and their strengths in those areas to be able to hire and retain the great talent with third-party systems.

Developed a model called the cycle of success

That help franchisees measure that and react to any opportunities or build on strengths so that those employees can go out and build promoter clients that are going to generate more referrals, are going to tell their friends, and they're also going to stay with us a lot longer.

All of that is what drives the economic engine of our top performing and really all over franchisees. One of the things that we've seen is that many backgrounds relate to success, some of the experiences to have are really being able to leave both exempt and non-exempt employees.

If you think about the nature of our model there's you have to be able to make a connection and inspire from a leadership perspective, somebody that may be making close to the minimum wage in some cases or a non-exempt wage that not everybody may be used to making that connection from a leadership or management perspective.


Inspire and manage a well-compensated director nursing

So being able to sort of dissenters, the point of view of what that certified nursing assistant, what his or her challenges are what inspires them, what brings them life enrichment or career in Richmond is really important, but on the same day and maybe the next hour.

We may be working closely with that, same need to inspire and manage a well-compensated director nursing, that has 30 years technical experience, so being able to lead and inspire and manage people at multiple levels is really a great key to success.

What we found is people can come and bring that from multiple different industries, may be having their own business or not, but that leadership component and able to articulate the reason that they got into this business and lead and inspire people at all different levels is really an important key to success.

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