A Five Year Vision For BrightStar Care

By Gavin | July 17, 2019

I look at the industry as a whole, I think there are three kinds of themes that I see that are really influencing where our opportunities exist over the next few years.


  1. A lot of pressure on reducing costs and having more care be delivered in the home because it's the lowest cost setting.

  2. More Indian solutions with the advent of accountable care organizations, a COS.

  3. A rise in the population that is afflicted by some form of dementia.

Bright Starts make investments to go after all three of themes

Bright Starts making investments to go after all three of those and isn't shying away from that at all. We look at the pressures to reduce costs and bend the cost curves by making sure that we're building capabilities and investing in technology, particularly around business intelligence.

We're able to track our hospital readmissions compared to national local regional averages and make sure we're performing at a higher level, we'll begin publishing those studies over the next couple of years.


Want to do business with someone to help reduce costs

Right now we're having to go out and get business, we'll be coming into the US because they want to do business with someone who's going to effectively help them reduce costs. We see opportunities and how we're able to connect our technology into other technology platforms which would allow us to be a very effective player with accountable care organizations.

We can play within an organization that is managing third parties like a bright star, even though we don't have an ownership relationship, because we've been invested in technology we have deep relationships, and we have capabilities to be able to manage those integrations back and forth.

Launched out our own transitions and proprietary program

You look at dementia one in seven people over the age of 65 have some form of dementia, let's continue to increase as is the severity, and a solution is an insight. We've launched out our own transitions program, proprietary program.


Bright stars than the only franchise brand to invest in a geriatric nurse practitioner, and have someone at that level with years of experience intimate, and dementia to develop our own proprietary platform, that we've rolled out to franchisees, that isn't just about marketing materials for families.

It's about certifying and educating a workforce to know how to be there and help people with dementia, be able to go through that disease and be able to live a great life and quality of life and be there to support the adult children that are going through it as well.

Take a holistic approach and servant leader within the industry

We've really tried to take a holistic approach and be a servant leader within the industry to make a difference in the lives of our families that we're taking care of every day, but also continuing to invest in technology and solutions and publishing out our outcomes.


The industry as a whole can be better and we can be a part of the solution, with the solution with all of the payers' insurance companies a CEO's and families on the front line that are in need of higher quality care.

That means you have to have skilled care as a part of the solution and technology investments that are over seven million dollars in just our last three years to be able to behave a seat at the table three years from now by making those investments today.

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